The Cowlitz Cutthroat Bucktail
tied by Norm Norlander

Here is a tried and true pattern to tie and fish with. Download the PDF for a simple step-by-step instructions with photos to tie this neat and pretty fly.


Customer Letter


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you - not only for your outstanding service and quick shipping of my bamboo base board and magnifier/light, but for the incredible quality and innovation of my new Nor-Vise system. As I set it up and tried some of the tying techniques (from your video) I was amazed at the brilliance you put into everything. This is truly both form and function at their absolute best!

I also have great admiration for what you have developed and the challenges you face as you "change" the art of fly tying and the thinking behind it. I have spent my entire career working as an agent of change in marketing/advertising with clients here in the U.S., Europe, and South America. I therefore understand the difficulties and eventual satisfaction of shifting established, traditional thinking to better and more productive methods. I wish you continued success with your business. You now have another dedicated believer, customer, and fly tier behind you!

Thank you again,
Phil Moore




My NORVISE seems to twist sometimes even though I tighten the bolts pretty good. How can I fix this?

This is pretty easy to fix. Best bet is to place a Star Lock Washer between the vise and the mounting board so it can “bite” into both the mounting board and the bottom base of the vise.  Might want to do this on the Thread Post also, especially if you hang your lamp on it.


Special Offer!

Norvise, Automatic Bobbin & Lamp/Magnifier bundle.

For new fly tyers, just getting started is a dilemma. Should I get a "cheap starter kit" or something really good that will serve my needs now and for years to come? For the experienced fly tyer the question is, will this system really improve my fly tying capabilities that much? The answer goes beyond simple economics. Fly tying becomes a part of our fly fishing experience and is supposed to be enjoyable and rewarding. Really good fly tying tools like really good fly rods do make a difference. Here is a chance to experience just how good that difference can be and save $60 in the process.

Send Us Your Favorite Fly Pattern

We are adding a new section to the our web site for favorite fly patterns submitted by Norvise users, like you. If you have a fly pattern tied on a Norvise that you would like to share, please  send us a photo of the finished fly and simple instructions and materials.   Put the information in an e-mail and send it to   We're looking forward to your submission!

FISHING REPORT  October 2012

One of several rainbows Norm caught while in Montana this past
September. This was one beautiful 5!

Trico’s and Caddis -- September in Montana -- The weather was beautiful and fish plentiful.  I had the opportunity to be with my Son who was archery elk hunting while I was having some classic dry fly fishing with those little bitty mayflies. Every day, right at 11:00, they would come off and for an hour or so it was just great! Mostly rainbows 12- 14” but a couple browns that would push 20” just to keep you honest. Tied up a bunch of 20’s and 22’s with the Fine Point Jaws with my trusty NORVISE on the spot. Good plan to take your Travel Case on these trips.  

On the left, Norm with "one on" during his recent trip to Montana using midges (Trico's). This proved productive at this part of the river, which was right outside his cabin at the lodge. On the Right, Norm's son Brent took some time to fish Trico's (midges) while he was in Montana bow hunting for elk.

Fished a day on the upper Missouri with friend Frank Stanchfield, the owner of Troutfitters, where we were staying near Wise River on the Big Hole.  This was a different show altogether, deep nymphing with small (#16) caddis and some big ugly (#6) stonefly nymphs.  The results was impressive, and you should have seen the ones that got away!   

Here's a decent rainbow Norm caught while on the
Missouri River in Montana just a little over a month ago.

This last week it was fishing close to home.  Here in the Pacific Northwest where our native trout are sea run cutthroats.  They are not huge, normally about a pound, but very much a favorite for us locals because they belong here and take a fly well.  It does happen however every now and then a Steelhead will clean your clock which in my case resulted rather quickly with the traditional “long release”.  Bucktails and the large October Caddis emergers, check out the NORVISE DVD’s on You Tube they will do the trick.

A good friend of Norm's, Ray Greene, with a Cowlitz sea run cutthroat in southwest Washington state in late September.

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Another feature of this newsletter will be to develop a forum for Nor-Vise users to communicate with each other as well as myself. It may not be possible to answer all your letters personally but this does provide great input for the future.