Nor-Vise Fly Tying System

Bead Head Chironomid
tied by Norm Norlander

Here's a nifty little fly you can learn to tie on a Norvise. Norm shares some tips and techniques that you'll find helpful as you tie this fly. Be sure to share this link with your fly tying friends!


Customer Letters


Got the Nor-vise from you last week.  All I can say is wow!!!!  I have four other vise by three manufacturers but your is incredible!!! It is a work of art - I just can't believe how smooth it is and how much faster I can tie.  Will be buying more Nor-vise accessories as soon as I can sell some of my other vises.

Pat C.
Omaha, NE

As a member of Project Healing Waters where I am leaning to tie, I purchased a vise from Mr. and Mrs. Norlander. Thank god I did. Instructors are telling me this is one of best vises on the market. Customer service is the main reason for this purchase. Having an injury from the Army, the PHW program and the Norvise have helped me drastically! Thank you. I will pass this vise down to my grandkids some day.
Frank O.


Norvise Tips

Keep it organized.

As some of us start collecting more than just one Norvise Bobbin, it is very handy to code your spools. I use a simple technique  utilizing finger nail polish. Most of my threads fall into three categories, heavy (3/0), medium (6/0) and light (8/0). I can tell the difference between the heavy and the light, so I put a single "dot" on the spool of the medium. Makes for a simple system that works for me. 


Polished bright!

I get several inquiries each month about what to do to brighten up the brass hubs. Well, after a while, the lacquer finish on the brass hubs will start to dull and in some cases they can get down right grubby . Here's what we suggest.  Remove the arbor from your Norvise and place it in an electric drill. Now you can attach the front hub to the arbor, tightening the set screw. Use some fine grit sandpaper (320+) or Scotchbrite while you securely hold the drill and spin the hub. For the rear hub, you can attach the Drive Disc to the arbor and the rear hub will click into place while you give it a quick polish. Set your polished hubs on some newspaper and give them an even coat of spray can lacquer.  You can also use brass polish in place of the lacquer, might need to wear sunglasses if you get carried away with the polish.  


Here's a slick idea.

To make your cam lever on your Norvise work more smoothly, a tiny drop of oil placed at the pivoting connection of the cam. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Be sure to use a paper towel or cotton rag to wipe up the excess oil. You'll be amazed what a little drop of oil with do to make the cam lever work so much more smoothly.


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Hi guys! Its spring and soon we'll be getting out on the water to do what we love. After a long winter in our "man caves" tying flies we're all probably ready for a change of scenery. For me, I will need to wait awhile longer. Its bad timing on my part but I recently went in for knee replacement surgery and will be out of commission for a while. I hope to get back to some of my favorite fishing spots in a couple months. Meanwhile, I will be tying up some Midges for some fishing I'm planning on doing in June. Check out the Midge Series videos: Midge Pupa, Midge Emerger, and the Midge Adult. There are several tips you will find in these videos that will make your fly tying experience much more productive.

Norm Norlander and Mike Harsh of Project
Healing Waters Alaska

A couple weeks back I was in Alaska for the Great Alaska Sportsman Show. We had an excellent show and saw a number of good friends. But, the real surprise was that I was presented with a very special token of appreciation from Project Healing Waters Alaska. Mike Harsh of Project Healing Waters presented to me a very nice, custom made, circular maple-framed display with several commemorative medallions along with three Art Peck Atlantic Salmon Classics including the Healing Waters Purple Heart. Truly a work of art! I am still very touched by this expression of their gratitude. Project Healing Waters is an organization that specifically helps active military personnel and disabled veterans with physical and emotional rehabilitation using fly fishing and other activities. They are a great organization and I am more than pleased to have Norvise involved with this worthy cause. Thanks guys!

The Fine Point of
Salt Water Streamers

Our friend, Pete Gray, from Massachusetts sent us several photos of some salt water streamers he tied using the new Fine Point Jaws. These are large hooks and the Fine Point Jaws do a great job holding them.  As with all Norvise jaw configurations, you can tie on just about any size hook.  Each jaw configuration does have its advantages but here is a great example of the diversity of the Fine Point Jaws. Great job Pete!  Those are beautiful streamers.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray
Notice how the the hook sits back from the tips of the Fine Point Jaws, they will definitely hold much better when you do this.  Your Norvise jaws are very durable, being machined from heat-treated stainless steel, however some tiers tend to over-tighten hooks and place them right at the edge of tips.  Eventually this can result in damage to the jaw tips, however if you place the hook further back from the very edge they will not only be held better, your jaws will last a very long time with no damage. Check out the new Fine Point Jaws.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray

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Another feature of this newsletter will be to develop a forum for Norvise users to communicate with each other as well as myself. It may not be possible to answer all your letters personally but this does provide great input for the future.