The Haymaker - An Articulated Furled Leech   By Art Peck


Hey Guys, here's another pattern from Art Peck up in Alaska. Originally designed by Mark Hieronymus, this version of the the Haymaker is Art's creation. 

Customer Letters


I am speechless! I cannot thank you enough! The number one reason I bought your vise was that it truly did everything you promised in a much faster, efficient and fun way, as compared to other vises. The other big reason was your customer service and you really have treated me like I was your only customer, as if Norvise was built just for me. Everyone that I have ever talked to says the same thing about your vise and your customer service. I am a forever customer. Thanks Norm!!


Otto L.



My bobbin is not retracting like it use to, what do you suggest? 


Very often this is due to a dirty bobbin tube. Clean it by pulling a few inches of chenelle soaked with a solvent (such as lacquer thinner or nail polish remover) through the ceramic tube with tying thread. Do this once a year and you shouldn't have any problem.

Helpful Hints

When it comes time to keep track of your collection of threaded spools, here's a system that's simple and effective. Mark your bobbin spools to identify the size of thread by using nail polish dots as a code with different colors, number of dots, etc. on the edge of the spool. Nail polish is reasonably durable but can be chipped off if you want to make changes. 

Send Us Your Favorite Fly Pattern

We are adding a new section to the our web site for favorite fly patterns submitted by Norvise users, like you. If you have a fly pattern tied on a Norvise that you would like to share, please  send us a photo of the finished fly and simple instructions and materials.   Put the information in an e-mail and send it to   We're looking forward to your submission!



Mayflies, Midges,  Wood Boats, and Bamboo Rods. This past week here in the Northwest we (finally) had a chance to go on a real fishing trip. Tent camping in the North Cascades of Washington. We had four days of wonderful dry fly fishing (sometimes in the rain) with Midge and Mayfly Emergers as well as Duns.  Our pretty homemade wood boats held lots of rain water without leaking and those beautiful Bamboo Rods got a real workout.  Take a look at the NORVISE videos for the Midge and Mayfly patterns. These were very productive patterns for us and I hope you find them fun to tie and productive on the water too!



This is a Federation of Flyfishers project from the Evergreen Flyfishers in Washington State. NORVISE has been involved with this organization for some time now.  The purpose of the Evergreen Hand is to develop and make tools for Veterans and others with the use of only one hand to tie flies.  It is planned to have these tools ready for the FFF National Conclave in Spokane Washington July 11 thru 14, which is a great event for all flyfishers. Be there if you can and say "Hi" to Norm. 




Check out the YouTube videos on There are a number of new videos from other NORVISE users plus two new ones we just added. Click here to see the Adult Damsel Fly and the Damsel Nymph videos.




The popular "Bundled Special" of a NORVISE, BOBBIN KIT and LAMP/MAGNIFIER for $395 (a savings of $60) will expire August 31, 2012. Buy it now and you'll save a bundle!

Another feature of this newsletter will be to develop a forum for norvise users to communicate with each other as well as myself. It may not be possible to answer all your letters personally but this does provide great input for the future.