The Skud
tied by Norm Norlander


Featured Product - The Norvise Waste Basket

One of the most popular Norvise products this season at the fly fishing shows was the Norvise Waste Basket. This handy accessory makes for simple clean up around your fly tying area. The Norvise Waste Basket attaches directly to your bamboo mounting board, conveniently positioned on the front edge, where you can slide into it unwanted materials and scap, keeping your work area clean. A number of wives of fly tiers purchased the Norvise Waste Basket for their husbands. A wife of a fly tyer was heard to say,"What a great idea. I'm now looking forward to my husband keeping things a little neater at his end of the family room." Go to and order yours today!

Fly Tying Tip

When tying those flies that require multiple coats of head cement, here's a clever idea for removing the wet and tacky fly from your Norvise to dry without actually touching the fly.

Simply use the eraser end of a pencil and shove the hook point into the eraser. Now release the jaws of the Norvise.

Place the pointed end of the pencil into a board with 1/8th inch holes drilled in it.

The pencil will stand straight up and support your fly until it dries. This great idea came to us from our friend and Canadian Norvise owner, Neville G. Thanks Neville!


Customer Letter

Good Morning Norm.
You were dead right, I'm thrilled with the Norvise and blown away by the "Smart Bobbin". All I can say is "why didn't you tap me on the shoulder way back when"! Most of the fine engineering is evident just by inspection. Where I think your design shines is in where others have thought it to be abortions.
At first glance it would be easy to criticize a small imbalance due to the obvious offset jaws. I had recognized that you are a very good engineer, so counterbalancing the rear hub would have been a simple machine operation. Clearly you have recognized that an imbalance is desirable and has the benefit of always returning to the load position, jaws at bottom. I like this. Setting the hook in the jaws was so simple and intuitive, no run-out on the shaft first time. That's impressive! I honestly factored in a bit of time to get used to the jaws. Non event!
I opened a pack of streamer hooks, Mustad R74-9672 in size 6. Nice long shafts to practice on. Perfect right from number one. Spinning the hub towards me took a little bit to get used to. (This must be the HUGE learning curve that some of the uneducated critics are referring to). I may have to tie all 25 hooks in the packet to break the urge to spin initial whip back off.
The real learning curve for me will be getting proficient in techniques that are simply not possible with conventional vises. This I'm looking forward to. I initially loaded up only two spools with the same black thread as I more more likely to run out during a session than to change colours. I'm only one step ahead of Mr. Ford, I use Green as well as Black.  Yes I do have a sewing box selection of colours, used more for experimentation than anything else. Well Norm, I'll head back to the Vise, .. my 9 Year old daughter wants to learn to tie!
Cheers for now.
Barry M.

Norvise Newsletter

Norvise creator Norm Norlander shares fly tying tips, techniques, knowledge, and exciting information about new products in a colorful newsletter.

Norm's Fishing Report

The Fly Fishing Show Season is over now and it's time to go fishing.  

In the Pacific Northwest it is, at last, spring time, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, burping and eating those dirty little worms. More importantly, the fish are rising to mayflies and midges.  Here, where we live on the west side of the Cascades, there is not much in the way of resident trout fishing in our local streams and rivers but there will be some excellent opportunities in some of our mountain trout lakes as the snow and ice is going away quickly.

Early hatches of Mayflies and Midges (chronomids) offer excellent fishing with dry flies as the surface temperatures are cool and the fish will be up.  The normal procedure of using a midge pupa (chronomid) suspended near the bottom from a "strike indicator" i.e. bobber, is very effective however you might want to try fishing midge emergers suspended in the surface film for those cursers, it works and is a lot more fun.  Same thing for your mayflies. The trout, at times, will really focus on these emergers more so than the duns.  Check out the Norvise YouTube videos for emergers, easy to tie and very effective. 

Enjoy the good weather!

Lessons Learned

The fly fishing show season is coming to an end and there are a few lessons to be learned from some of the great people I have met. One of those people is Pete Gray. Pete is a prolific fly tier who does fantastic work on his Norvise. Recently, Pete sent to me one of his creations, a handsome saltwater streamer. This fly pattern, used in the Northeast for east coast saltwater fish is made using a urethane UV curing glue with prismatic "sticky" eyes.


Norm's Fly Fishing Boat Update

Well, it's been a busy winter with the show schedule and shipping out Norvises but Norm has found some time to work on his fly fishing boat. Since the last update, coats of epoxy finish have been applied and details are being attended to as light can be seen at the end of the tunnel for this project. Norm is anxious to try out his new boat and hopes to put it into the water in the next few weeks. Standing back and looking over the boat, Norm mentions, "Building boats sure is satisfying. I'll probably build another one."

In the photos shown, we see Norm applying the epoxy. Got to move fairly quickly before it sets up.

Norm shows where he will place the hardware for the anchor support.
The bench has a lift-lid and will be used to stow away gear while out on the lake.
Between coats of finish, Norm hand sands the previous coat of finish, once it is completely dry.

At the transom and along the gunnels, Norm shows the use of different cedars and marine mahogany that create a very nice contrast and detail.


Albany Fly Fishing Show

Norvise was well represented at this year's Albany Fly Fishing Show in Albany, Oregon. Along with Norm demonstrating at his booth, there were a number of fly tiers showing their tips and techniques as well. Here are a few photos of some of those tiers. Thanks to all who attended! It was a great show.


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