Blue Gill Beetle
tied by Norm Norlander

While thinking about something a bit warmer (next summer) lets start with a pretty simple and basic fly pattern that is fun to fish and really works.  Next spring when the Bluegills get on the beds, these little foam floaters with wiggle legs are not welcome intruders and attacked with great gusto.  Oddly enough they also are remarkably effective for still water trout fishing.


Customer Letter


Hi Norm,
I received my vise. I have been fly fishing for close to 50 years and tying flies for a very long time. I would like to congratulate you on the design of your vise. The operation of the Norvise is most efficient and enjoyable to use. I will be ordering some accessories in the new year.
Rob S.
Ontario, Canada


Selling the Norvise and knowing Norm for over 20 years there has never been a finer man nor product. Take away my Norvise and I will stop tying. I wonder how close to a million flies I have tied in the past, all on the ball bearing wonder from Kelso. Those new Fine Point Jaws are “over the top” especially for the small stuff we use here on the UP. 
Mike Kulhawick, Owner
Troutschoice, Grayling, MI



My vise and thread post sometime “twist” and I can’t seem to get them tight enough with the mounting bolts, is there anything I can do to stop this?
Yes, Place a “star type lock washer” on the top of the board between the bottom of the vise, it will bite into both the board and vise and works great.
The brass hubs on my NORVISE are losing their new shiny bright finish, can this be fixed?
These solid brass hubs are hand finished then spayed with clear lacquer just like door knobs, faucets and other brass products. The lacquer does wear away with time. If you want them real shiny you can remove the lacquer completely with steel wool or fine sandpaper and use brass polish from time to time. Most fly tiers don’t bother, they sort of like the “patina” effect showing lots of use.

Starting the first weekend in January, NORVISE will kick off the Show Season in Denver. Our complete schedule for 2013 is shown below. These events are a lot of fun, interesting and informative, an opportunity to see whats new, get some ideas on how to do it and where to go.
FISHING REPORT  January 2013

It is cold, wet and stormy here in the Northwest right now and time for Winter Steelhead.  Years ago this was something I really looked forward to, now that I am a bit more “mature” it has kind of lost its special appeal. My excuse is I am so busy making your fly tying tools.    
However, about this time a couple years ago I had the opportunity to do one of those “Lifetime Trips” to fish for billfish with the fly.  It was nice and sunny and warm and very successful, a great adventure.  We used large Tube Flies, fitted with a foam Popping Head and Tandem 5/0 Hooks.  The photo below is one of 27 Sailfish in three days.  Since most of us don’t specialize in this sort of thing we need to get in touch with someone who does. For me, it was a friend for years and master of the game, Jake Jordan.
Maybe you will be taking that winter break in Florida, the Gulf Coast or Southern California, and Billfish is not in the budget.  Take your Trout rod and go after “Bait Fish”, it is amazing how much fun it can be casting your 6 wt for Surf Perch, Bonita, Sea Trout, and a whole bunch of less spectacular species.  Normally small streamers, such as Clousers work quite well.


There has also been some really great changes with the Tube Fly System for your NORVISE. The increased interest in manufactured tube fly bodies, called “Bottle Tubes” has led to the development of a more effective end clamping concept, which is also perfect to secure unlined metal tube. There is a new video section which demonstrates just how this new Tube Fly System works, check it out. order now!

New Fine Point Jaws

We have had very positive feedback from the recently introduced new Fine Point Jaw system. Spinning the vise with these jaws is now much smoother. Access for tying “around the bend” and “pinching materials” such as tails and wings onto the hook are excellent. If you tie lots of the smaller stuff, especially on curved nymph and scud style hooks, this is for you. It fits right into your standard (straight jaw) front hub. It’s quick and easy. order now!

NEW Waste Basket

In response to lots of requests from fly tyers (and those cleaning up the mess) we now have a dandy attachment to collect all this stuff. Works well also for dropped hooks, beads, tools, completed flies etc that which used to end up on the floor. It is made to attach directly with the vise and thread post mounting bolts under the NORVISE Bamboo boards but is also adaptable to homemade boards, desks and benches. 
order now!

Another feature of this newsletter will be to develop a forum for Nor-Vise users to communicate with each other as well as myself. It may not be possible to answer all your letters personally but this does provide great input for the future.