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For a limited time, purchase a new Norvise or Norvise with a Norvise Bobbin, and receive a fly personally tied by Norm Norlander. Over the years Norm has tied thousands of flies. From the Royal Coachman to the Gurgler, Norm has tied numerous patterns. So, if you are ready to join the "Norvise Nation" we'll send along a fly tied and certified by Norm. Flies may vary and are included with every purchase of a Norvise.

I can see better.

If you haven't purchased a Norvise Lamp/Magnifier for your Norvise you're not seeing all there is to see. Tying flies can be very intricate and detailed work. Having a nice bright, natural light and the use of a magnifying glass can really help. The Norvise Lamp/Magnifier is specifically made for your Norvise. It mounts directly onto the Thread Post and is easy to install. It's well worth it, especially as our days grow shorter and our evenings get darker. Click here to learn more. 


New Fly Tying Video

Learn to Tie the Bunny Clouser on a Nor-Vise

For fly tyers and those who fly fish for salmon and steelhead in rivers, this can be your "go to" fly. The Bunny Clouser, tied by Norm Norlander on a Norvise, is a great all-around fly. Watch Norm as he demonstrates how to tie this fly utilizing some tips and techniques that you will find useful and effective. As always, Norm's charming delivery and wit will keep you entertained as you learn to tie this fly. Be sure to share this link with your fly tying buddies!

Thanks for watching.


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See Norm in Person!

show schedule is out and make a point to stop by to see Norm when he's at a fly fishing or sportsmen show in your area. Click here to view Norm's show schedule on the Norvise website.

Norm demonstrating how simple it is to tie flies using the Norvise

Customer Letters

Last week I received my vise from your French dealer. What a machine! It makes all the tricks Ido with spinning dubbing and feathers so much easier. It takes a "vise" to a much higher level!
Thanks for inventing it.
Best regards,
Jeroen V

I received my new jaws in just 2 days!!  Great and terrific service as always!
I love the new jaws.....great improvement over the wheel to tighten the jaws! The hook is rock solid and does not move while tying. A pleasure to use the vise with these new jaws!!

I am back in the saddle again tying some Hendrickson's for next week when I will most likely see the beginning of this great hatch...
Thanks a bunch....
Dan L
Ware, Massachusetts

Norvise Tips

Keep it organized.

As some of us start collecting more than just one Norvise Bobbin, it is very handy to code your spools. I use a simple technique  utilizing finger nail polish. Most of my threads fall into three categories, heavy (3/0), medium (6/0) and light (8/0). I can tell the difference between the heavy and the light, so I put a single "dot" on the spool of the medium. Makes for a simple system that works for me. 


Polished bright!

I get several inquiries each month about what to do to brighten up the brass hubs. Well, after a while, the lacquer finish on the brass hubs will start to dull and in some cases they can get down right grubby . Here's what we suggest.  Remove the arbor from your Norvise and place it in an electric drill. Now you can attach the front hub to the arbor, tightening the set screw. Use some fine grit sandpaper (320+) or Scotchbrite while you securely hold the drill and spin the hub. For the rear hub, you can attach the Drive Disc to the arbor and the rear hub will click into place while you give it a quick polish. Set your polished hubs on some newspaper and give them an even coat of spray can lacquer.  You can also use brass polish in place of the lacquer, might need to wear sunglasses if you get carried away with the polish.  


What kind of Fly Tyer are you?

No matter your level of experience, The Norvise Fly Tying System will work for you!

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If you wish to order a Norvise direct from Norm, you can easily do this by clicking on the above link.


Fishing Report  September 2013

This past week I had the opportunity to be with some friends at HaaNeeNaa which is a floating salt water Lodge a few miles west of Prince Rupert in Canada.  

HaaNeeNaa Lodge, Northwestern British Columbia.

The objective, casting flies at Silver Salmon which are often feeding very actively on small herring at the surface.  In some cases right with the Humpback Whales that frequent this area.  The action was at times terrific, double hookups with my partner were common and these saltwater beauties really can rip.  Check out their web site. www.haa-nee-naa.com You can see what it is really like. Some of the video on their web site is with our fly club group from past years.

Jim Hulbert with "one on" and another is "boiling" on the surface while Norm is taking the picture.
We used mostly floating or slow sinking #8 outfits, three fly patterns which you can check out on the NORVISE web site.  A foam “gurgler” fished on a dry line was the most exciting, seeing several 10-15 lb Silvers crashing on these does get your attention.  The Clousers on a slow sink line were the “go to” system when there was no surface action and also worked well for a variety of Rockfish which are quite tasty. “Bucktailing” Tube Flies on a dry line were used to locate just where the Salmon were if they were not showing on the surface.

Most of em were released however a few made the trip home with us and they are delicious!

Very Versatile:
The Fine Point Jaws

A number of Norvise owners have commented recently about how they use the new Fine Point Jaws. What these tiers are finding and we already knew, is that the Norvise with the Fine Point Jaw configuration is very versatile. You can tie the smallest of flies and really large ones also. Norvise owner and fly tier Pete Gray of West Yarmouth, MA sent us some of his handiwork for a little "show and tell". 

Here Pete Gray shows the proper placement of the hook in the Fine Point Jaws. Set back from the tips, the hook is very stable and still allows complete access around the bend.
One of the things that is important to point out is how he secures the hook with the jaws. Notice how the hook is set back into the jaws. This is just fine, in fact, it is advisable to do this, for a couple of reasons. It provides the tier a much better grip on the hook which will keep things very stable. The other reason to set the hook back in the jaws is that you will less likely damage the tips of the jaws. Some tiers insist on placing the hook so close to the tips of the jaws and over-tightening that it can sometimes chip the ends of the jaws. FYI: The Norvise Fine Point Jaws are very tough but over-tightening with the hook at the extreme end of the jaws can cause damage. 

Pete Gray of Massachusetts displays a beautiful pattern tied with the Norvise Fine Point Jaws.

Norm's New Boat

Drawings and scaled model of the fly fishing boat Norm is planning to build.

Norm is at it again. Over the past month or so Norm has started designing his next fly fishing boat. The new design is somewhat similar to the last boat he built with some subtle differences. When Norm is out on the water doing a little fishing his engineering mind generates ideas on how to improve on the old design. So far Norm has built a model of the new boat and plans on going the next step soon. Stay tuned and we'll give you an update in the next newsletter.

Norm displays his scale model and buck for the upcoming boat building project. If things go well, the boat will be in the water this next Spring.


Another feature of this newsletter will be to develop a forum for Norvise users to communicate with each other as well as myself. It may not be possible to answer all your letters personally but this does provide great input for the future.

e-mail: info@norvise.com