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Norvise - Quality Rotary Fly Tying Vise (Mobile Devise Page)

Fly Tying Vise Jaws for The Norvise

Norvise Small Straight Jaws

This is the standard, most popular configuration for the Norvise – Fly Tying Vise. It's considered best for all-around performance, and often called the "fresh water" version of the vise.

This configuration includes both the solid brass front and rear hubs, and the heat-treated, cam-operated stainless steel jaws. The jaw surfaces are smooth (not serrated or grooved) so they won't damage delicate hooks, or the finish on them. Yet, they hold tight, without slipping. Hooks are easily aligned and spin smoothly, with minimum vibration.

This version of the vise is capable of handling very large and very tiny hooks, too. Literally, any hook size, or type you'd like to tie on can be done on the Small Straight Jaws Configuration. This vise jaw come with the Norvise - complete fly tying vise (see vise, this jaw comes with your first Norvise).


Fine Point Jaws

The New Fine Point Norvise - Fly Tying Vise Jaw System combines the advantages of the standard, smooth free spinning straight jaws, with the access characteristics of the original Fine Point Jaw Configuration. The new fine point jaws are set at a shallower 30° angle which will spin more smoothly than the current 45° design while still providing excellent access for small stuff, tying around the bend, and pinching material onto the hook. In addition these new jaws project further from the front hub creating a more comfortable placement of your left hand for precise material positioning.

Attachment is quick and easy, simply remove the straight (in-line) jaws held in place with a set screw in the front brass hub, and replace them with the new Fine Point system. Alignment up/down is with the pivot screw on the jaw support arm, and side to side with a set screw at the back of the jaws. Normally not very much adjustment is need unless there is a dramatic change in hook size.


Norvise Tube Fly System

The Norvise Tube Fly System (fly tying tube vise) is designed to use all sorts of different sizes and types of tube fly materials. This includes all "Fly Shop Products" such as packaged plastic tubes, manufactured tube fly components, metal tubes with or without liners, and various types of bottle tubes. It is perfect for bulk plastic tubing, both semi-ridged materials such as nylon as well as soft transition or junction tubing. It also works just fine with non-traditional products such as "Q" tips, spray can tubes etc.

Included is an easily changed brass front hub, hex wrench, collet holder and a set of three different size collets with matching mandrels along with step by step illustrated instruction on how create excellent, durable Tube Flies.


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