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Norvise - Quality Rotary Fly Tying Vise (Mobile Devise Page)

Fly Tying Vises
Norvise Fly Tying Vise System

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Makes tying flies more rewarding with its revolutionary and patented design that helps you create flies more efficiently, smoothly, and quickly.

  • Rotary Vise - spins the hook in perfect alignment on the axis of rotation
  • Quality patented vise with precision ball bearing and heavy brass hubs
  • Precision vise jaws (small, large, fine point, and tube)

Designed by avid fly tier and research engineer, Norm Norlander, the Norvise not only turns the hook, the vise spins the hook in perfect alignment on the axis of rotation. The Norvise Fly Tying Bobbin allows for perfect thread control and return to the vise. It's always where you need it and never in the way. That's why, for decades, fly tiers have tied better flies, faster — with Norvise.

Norvise Automatic Fly Tying Bobbin

  • Bobbin automatically rewinds/retracts itself
  • Bobbin Kit - Includes: Bobbin, 3 Extra Spools, Arbor & DVD

Fly Tying Vise Accessories

  • Mounting Board, Waste Basket, Table Clamps, Lamp Magnifier, Dubbing Brush Table, Gallows Attachment, Travel Case

Fly Tying Vise Jaws

Vise Jaws that are interchangeable in the Norvise Fly Tying Vise System

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