Yellow Drake Spinner Testimonial

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I am enjoying tying with the Norvise.Last year I happened to hit a spinner fall of yellow drakes on a local western NY stream, and found myself wanting to tie a better extended body fly.  My large hooked flies just weren’t cutting it.
I came home and started searching the web, and came across the youtube video where norm was tying the extended body mayfly, and in short order decided to buy the vice and bobbin.I have been tying some incredibly effective extended mayflies (see attached photo), and can’t believe how well this vise performs.  I wish I would have found it years ago.

Spinning the dubbing onto the thread creates some of the most interesting bodies I have ever tied on not only dry flies, but also my wets and nymphs.  With the dubbing brushes I am creating I may never buy chenille again.

I may be ordering the large jaws soon.  I have recently been bitten by the musky bug, and have some dubbing brush ideas for what I am sure will be some incredibly interesting flies.

I really am recommending this vice to anyone who is looking to upgrade.  To my mind, it really has no equal.

Thank you for what I am sure is the last vise I will own.

Aaron Kaminski


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