Very Versatile: The Fine Point Jaws

A number of Norvise owners have commented recently about how they use the new Fine Point Jaws. What these tiers are finding and we already knew, is that the Norvise with the Fine Point Jaw configuration is very versatile. You can tie the smallest of flies and really large ones also. Norvise owner and fly tier Pete Gray of West Yarmouth, MA sent us some of his handiwork for a little “show and tell”.


Here Pete Gray shows the proper placement of the hook in the Fine Point Jaws. Set back from the tips, the hook is very stable and still allows complete access around the bend.

One of the things that is important to point out is how he secures the hook with the jaws. Notice how the hook is set back into the jaws. This is just fine, in fact, it is advisable to do this, for a couple of reasons. It provides the tier a much better grip on the hook which will keep things very stable. The other reason to set the hook back in the jaws is that you will less likely damage the tips of the jaws. Some tiers insist on placing the hook so close to the tips of the jaws and over-tightening that it can sometimes chip the ends of the jaws. FYI: The Norvise Fine Point Jaws are very tough but over-tightening with the hook at the extreme end of the jaws can cause damage.


Pete Gray of Massachusetts displays a beautiful pattern tied with the Norvise Fine Point Jaws.


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