Tip #9 – Making Beads & Hooks Easy to Pick Up


It works well for me to lay out in advance the hooks and beads needed for a specific pattern on a “Beading Mat” (available at Craft Stores).

They are much easier to pick up individually, beads don’t roll off the table and hooks don’t stick into the mat.…

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Tip #8 – Organization


It happens over time we accumulate lots of hooks, beads and other small stuff, I have found it really handy to organize these by hook type in plastic boxes with a selection of sizes used.

Same thing for beads, a single box will make it a lot easier to find just the size of tungsten bead you need.…

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Tip #7 – Picking Up Tools


Having problem picking up those scissors, hackle pliers etc off the table?

Develop a habit of placing them on a towel, much easier to pick up, and it is a lot easier to find them if you put them back on the towel every time.…

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Tip #6 – Super Glue


Super glue is really neat stuff however it does have a drawback. Do not touch it with your fingers when it is still wet!

Solution here is after applying the super glue to your creation use a tissue, like a blotter, to absorb the uncured glue, do it quickly so the tissue will not become stuck to the fly. Now you can safely proceed without fear.…

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Tip #5 – Scud & Nymph Patterns


Ever run short on Scud or Nymph hooks?

Try tying the fly on a “conventional straight” hook and then bending it to the desired shape after the fly is finished, often it will be easier to tie on the “straight shank hook”.

Your Norvise will hold the hook well enough for this to be a slick trick.…

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Tip #4 – Thread Identification


Very often we have a variety of our Norvise Bobbin Spools filled with different threads and we lose track of which is which. OK, so I have a few more choices than any reasonable person would ever need. I use the old “thread size” designation, 3/0, 6/0 and so on and I put a dot of red fingernail polish on the edge of the 6/0 spools.

Since I can tell the difference between the 3/0 and 8/0 by looking at them so I only need to identify the size in the middle. You can also use several dots to identify …

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Tip #3 – Threading the Bobbin


I receive numerous requests for “how do you thread these bobbins”?

Well I simply double the thread over and roll twist it to form a “loop” which can be inserted into the base of the ceramic bobbin tube then “suck it through” simple, no tools are needed. It helps to keep the bobbin tube clean with a bit of chenille and solvent from time to time.…

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Tip #2 – Adding “Friction” so the Bobbin will Hang Suspended


One of the things that happens rather often is I get a phone call from a Norvise customer, “my Bobbin won’t stay up”.

It is usually necessary to induce a bit of “friction” to the system for it to hang suspended. Now, after you thread the bobbin pull some thread off the side of the spool so it can wrap a turn around the leg of the bobbin, one or two turns is usually enough.…

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Tip #1 – Keeping the thread from retracting all the way onto the spool


Very often we want to lay the bobbin down or put it away. If you are tying a number of flies using the same thread get in the habit of “hanging” the bobbin on the thread post between flies which will prevent the thread from retracting all the way and require “re-threading”.

If you want to put the bobbin away use a rubber cone to hold the thread from retracting or pull out about 18” of thread and slowly retract it onto the bobbin which will leave a few inches of slack. These techniques will become automatic very soon.…

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